Friday, April 17, 2015

Snowy day…..

I come on and say- so much is going on that I let that stuff stop me from doing what I really want to do- which is communicate to others.  I do that but instead of through my work- I end up on email, the phone  or even worse- texting!
Well now we are socked in weather wise and I get t enjoy my amazing studio even but for an hour!
This is when it is good to be a maker of seeds as I always get to concentrate on objects that need sun and warmth versus what I sometimes see outside of our window- but Im not complaining!  We were due this weather and it is perfect for snowballs!  Thick, wet, and full of moisture to allow me more seeds to work from when its over!  

I am starting a new batch of work finally after struggling with the South High project and no word as to its progress- gotta love the government!!  My focus is now on projects I can repeat and create quickly as to gain some instant  gratification.  This is fun because it tells me how good my skills are as to how much less time it takes for me to render something.

My students say I make things look easy- but I say after over 20 years I better make it look easy from mere practice!!