Friday, July 29, 2011

So lovely- right?! This place is beautiful and so quiet. walked yesterday and just spent time smelling the air around me. It was our going to town for groceries day and then came home for another dip in the creek and made dinner for my resident mates. Tuscan sausage pasta with salad and garlic bread and chili dark chocolate for dessert. My hubby and son come today from Laramie and I cant wait to hug their necks! Play date in Sheridan this weekend and back on Sunday.

I love that everyone that works here has a pup that follows them around. What a good life! This is Josie and she found me while I was dipping my toes in the creek early this morning. She is corgy/border collie which should tell you a lot about her personality! :)
she is all about a task and is dead set on follow through ( stick or ball throwing) but can also appreciate a cool dip. My kind of girl!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shellac is on- architectural aspects here we come.
They will not be this color at the finish but this will help seal the material so I can add pigment and it stays put. Three days left and i get to see my boys.
I cant wait to show them this place and tell Eli about the large female doe Angie and I watched gracefully trot across the back lawn.
She was beautiful.

Angela is from Oklahoma by way of Texas and makes lovely drawings/paintings. She and I have so much in common and Im looking forward to seeing these drawings finished. She also has a table full of amazing objects with brilliant natural texture that I covet from my studio. :)
before going out on the county road- we are asked to wear these fetching vests so we dont get run over by the locals....fetching neon hat right?!!
these are my fellow residents from left to right: Christina, Lauren, Angela, David, and Roger. We are sharing dinner duties every night which is lovely and wonderfully varied as well.

so the work is flowing and i am liking using the compositions from the actual seeds within the projector.
molds are next so I can make these things had dimension and sound

Sunday, July 24, 2011

So the work is flowing...finally though I probably spent more time in the creek than in the studio yesterday- but its Saturday..right? :) All of my work has so many material layers, so I find myself constantly reminding myself of what is yet to come and then I feel better about my progress. I will post everyday from now on as I feel a nice motivation by this blog and I like the sharing.Talked to my boy eli today too which always helps my motivation. a " hi mama" and I smile all day which makes studio work more fun.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

This first week has been productive I think- a few bumps in the road, some naps, but best of all a couple of us discovered a lovely spot in the river to retreat to in the lat e afternoon. Just the right amount of sun and cold water to revive you for dinner and more time in the studio. Ive met some fun people here and we are off to an antique store that the owner of this residency owns down the road- then back to the studio. I am strategically not bringing my wallet. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I literally had no time to pack so I packed everything! lol
Im glad now as I have all of my pieces and parts that I have been able to do over the school year and they can now come together to create a cohesive thought....

These are collections of seeds I've been hoarding for the past few years. Mostly things from our yard that I've put in a flower press though some are squished in the slide as I go. I knew I always wanted to do something to these but....pieces and parts seem to be coming together for this very opportunity of a gift of time.
Ive got some panels up in different configurations that I am interested in and we shall see how they progress from here. Im hoping to be done with these fairly quickly so I can move onto some hanging in the round work.
So this is what I am playing with from the seeds I have collected and placed in each slide. This way Im creating my own arrangement/ composition instead of working directly from my head- whcih I am simply not that kind of artist. I like working from life- my mama taught me that!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Inside/Outside Studio Space. There are 4 studios in this building.
They are huge and absolutely lovely.
Im just getting started/settled but excited by the possibilities that will occur.


Inside/Outside the Residence-
This place is more beautiful than I thought.